Taking Baby Steps to a Healthier You!

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Ekeoma Ekeleme-Washington, B.A., M.S.A.


-Group Fitness Instructor

-Older Adult Fitness

-Sports Nutrition

Everyone’s eye opener is different for each person. My eye opening moment was realizing that I may not live long enough to spend time with my children as they became adults. In December 2005, I weighed 220lbs., taking high blood pressure medication and was only 29 years old. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in May 2005, the day after graduating with my Master’s degree. Yes, I had the pills but didn’t take them because surely my blood pressure was elevated due to the stress of writing my thesis. A larger stress was attributed to my then 6 year old daughter’s month-long hospitalization after suffering a stroke (cause still hasn’t been determined) February of that same year. Well, between May and December, my blood pressure readings didn’t lower as I expected, infact it got a little worse.

Here was my reality, between my mother, father, brother and grandmother; there was high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and two strokes. Add my weight, not-so-good eating habits and lack of exercise; I was a prime candidate for serious heart trouble sooner or later. I decided to find ways to enjoy eating some of the foods that I loved and get physical activity everyday. I wanted to share my experiences and triumphs with others so…..Welcome to Baby Steps to Healthy Living.